Tuesday, 23 February 2010


If every there were signs that we should'nt play last saturday they came thick and fast between are last rehearsal and the day of the gig. On my way to the last practice i got a text from kieron saying he'd be late, bailiff's from the council had been trying to get into his house, not good! I carried onto the practice room with my new set of keys thinking how nice it was i could finally let myself into the practice room...when i got there the door wouldn't open - the lock had broke and turned itself so that no key could fit! Bruce and joel managed to fix the door after about 20 minutes and practice could begin. it was a decent last practice and we were all looking forward to the gig. On friday Coline decided to go and get her bass fixed for saturday - unfortunatley before she got to the guitar shop she was hit by a car and spent the rest of the afternoon in hospital having her head stitched...

...Anyway, we played the gig and it went well.


Losing My Mind
Don't Wait For Me
Going To Hell
I Don't Want To Start Again
To Be Your Man
I Don't Need Revenge
Someone You Knew

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