Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Try It by The Jesus Loves Heroin Band

Try It by The Jesus Loves Heroin Band


Thanks to everyone we met and who helped us out in France. We all had a great trip and played some amazing shows. We also managed to get most of our album recorded with Guilliame (hope thats spelt right) producing (friend of colines) and the recordings sound great...i've started the overdubs and first stage of mixing and you can hear the first mix of a new song 'Try It' on myspace now.

The tracks we recorded are:

Its Over
Try It
To Be Your Man
I Don't Need Revenge
I Don't Want To Start Again
Cold Love
Going To Hell
Someone You Knew
Losing My Mind
Be Mine
Going Nowhere
Don't Deny Me
Crawling Back

We need to record 2 more tracks:

Restless Heart
Tired Of Being In Control

and then choose 11 to go on the album.