Friday, 11 June 2010

08.06.2010 Setlist

Tuesday night at the Grapes was great. Little Robots were amazing and we really didn't want to play after their set. We had fun though.

Going Nowhere
Losing My Mind
Don't Wait For Me
Never See Me Cry
Going To Hell
Gypsy Curse
I Don't Want To Start Again
To Be Your Man
I Won't Go To The Doctor
I Don't Need Revenge
Never Again
Be Mine
Someone You Knew
Cold Love

The bad news of the night was that Kieron wouldn't be coming to France with us next week. We'll be a 4 Piece for the Tour with Joel taking over organ duties on some songs. All will return to normal (fingers crossed) when we return.

Monday, 7 June 2010

French Tour +

We are coming to France in a couple of weeks...see if were playing near you below...

18th June - Paris
21st June - Nantes
24th June - Toulouse
25th June - Bordeaux
30th June - Bourges
1st July - Orleans
2nd July - Le Man
3rd July - Paris
4th July - Rouen

Were also hoping to play Lille at somepoint.

We have a gig tommorow night too.

8th June - The Grapes

The Jesus Loves Heroin Band
Little Robots

Little Robots are great so make sure you check them out.