Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Busy Start To 2010

Recording for The Creep Outs 2nd release, a 7" released in America in the next few months, started on Sunday. Anderson and i have a song either side of the vinyl. Anderson's song is called 'You Ain't Mine' and has the same 6o's pop hooks as the first album, whilst mine is a slower country number named 'I Won't Hurt You'. They are both sounding pretty cool and i'm picking the rough versions up tonight so i can finish them off over the weekend. We have a backlog of songs to record for the second album but with Anderson returning to America today it is unsure when they will be recorded.

The next Jesus Loves Heroin Band practice will see us attempt to record a couple of songs 'Lose My Mind' and 'Restless Heart'. We'll hopefully push on this year and get the 2nd album recorded.

Also, moving house at the end of the month so it's going to be very busy...

And...I found a cool Amp in Wizard Guitars (Sheffield) from the late 60's early 70's and bought it on the spot.