Thursday, 18 February 2010

Goodbye Duncan, Welcome Coline

Last month ended with the band searching for a new bass player. Duncan left the band in january after 3 months of fun. We had a great time with Duncan and his leaving came a little out of the blue but we soldiered on for a few weeks as a 4 piece. A couple of months before Duncan left we met Coline at a Hipshakes gig at The Harley. Bruce and i hung out with her that night and she seemed able to take alot of abuse and dish it out too, she told us about how she'd played bass in a couple of french garage bands and we all got on well. The was the only time we'd met but the fact she mentioned that she was a bass player ment that she was no.1 on the list to play bass for us. After a couple of rehearsals she is now part of the band.

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