Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Bands

Keep an eye out for 'The Dead Melodies' and 'The Dead Rabbit Sisters' new music coming soon.

The Dead Melodies are a country/garage band and will be recording their 1st album, 'Out of Time', soon. The band includes Ric Booth, From Little Robots, on Fiddle/Mandolin and Bobby Lee on Lap Steel/Banjo/Guitar.

'Out of Time'

  1. Forever
  2. Wicked Mouth
  3. Out Of Time
  4. When My Ship Comes In
  5. Hand In Hand
  6. Your Love Is A Curse
  7. Made A Vow
  8. Another Sleepless Night
  9. Into The Wilderness
  10. I Won't Hurt You
  11. Suicide

The Dead Rabbit Sisters are a country/soul band. The band Includes Laura Burn Acaster, From Little Robots, on Vox and Sam Smith, From Little Glitches, on Organ. Their album will be recorded in winter 2011.

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