Friday, 4 December 2009

Slow Fever

The Jesus Loves Heroin Band's first album 'Slow Fever' will be released early 2010. The Album was recorded in 2008/2009 and mastered early 2009 by Ben Nicholson (Alive Audio Ltd.). Bruce Sargent played drums on 'Death Waltz' and Andrew Anderson gave backing vocals and played drums on 'Never Again'.

'Slow Fever'

1. Jesus Loves Heroin
2. Death Waltz
3. Slow Fever
4. I Won't Go To The Doctor
5. Don't Wait For Me
6. Don't Believe Me
7. Never See Me Cry
8. Gypsy Curse
9. Mistakes
10. Never Again
11. Leave Me Cold

The album will be self released on 'Slow Fever Records'. The label will be run by me (Nick) and Alex Baxter, a good friend i've known and argued with for over 10 years. It will be available on 12" Vinyl and Download.

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